paper cutter

Choosing A Paper Cutter

Are you looking for a good paper cutter? This tool is useful just about anywhere for cutting and trimming paper of any size or weight. There are many options available when you are looking for a paper cutter, so it’s a good idea to understand how they work and their various features. Most offices have at least one paper cutter and schools use them extensively. They are also becoming popular for use at home. Many people are purchasing this tool and then using it to chop up all papers and other documentation to help prevent identity theft and fraud.

Depending on your age, you may remember using a paper cutter in elementary school. This task was reserved for those students who were considered very responsible. This makes sense considering how dangerous a cutter can be if not used correctly. Many teachers use them to create classroom presentations or handouts and businesses use them to trim and size various official documents. If you are in the market for a cutter, consider the features of each model before making a decision.

guillotine paper cutterA manual guillotine paper trimmer is a very common type of cutter. They usually have either a metal or wood base. This base will have a clamp on the top to help secure the paper. If there is no clamp, the user must secure the paper by hand. This can be dangerous and it is better to use a cutter with a clamp. Along one side, the cutter will have a blade attached to a handle. The user forces the blade down by putting pressure on the handle. The paper is aligned along the edge with the amount to be removed hanging off the side of the base directly under the blade. When the blade handle is depressed, the blade slices through the paper and the trimmed end drops off. The manual guillotine trimmer is best for smaller jobs that don’t require cutting lots of paper.

A rotary trimmer can cut differing lengths and sizes of papers. Newer models of the rotary trimmers are capable of cutting different shapes. The user has good control when using a rotary trimmer. There is a two-sided blade that travels up and down the papers making the cuts. Rotary trimmers usually make cleaner cuts than guillotine trimmers. These trimmers come in automatic and manual models and are good for offices and schools.

Stack paper cutters are designed to cut large stacks of card stock or paper. Most can cut up to 750 sheets at one time. These cutters are very similar to the guillotine trimmer but are much larger. They are available in either manual or automatic and can even be electrically operated. Some stack cutters can be programmed to cut a certain amount of paper and then stop. This allows the user freedom to accomplish other tasks while their paper stack is cut. The programmable stack cutters can save time, although they are usually more expensive than manually operated cutters.

Finding the right paper cutter makes a job much easier. There are several models available and the right one will depend on the task to be accomplished.